WE.Sky: ‘人类的塔还不够强!’

Beijing, Wuhan, Hainan, Changsha, Shanghai. These were the provinces that both Singapore Wind and Denmark Crow have stepped foot on in their journalism expedition in China.

But for a very special treat, the duo have also visited World Elite’s training apartment in Shanghai to give you a low-down on what it’s like to be in the shoes of a player from World Elite.

First up is a 12-minute interview with Chinese Warcraft 3 marvel, Li Xiao Feng who is more commonly known under his moniker of China Human WE.Pepsi.Sky.

In this interview, he reveals everything about his life as a professional player; the road to stardom, the crucial support from his teammates and manager, truth about imbalance, and more!


北京、武汉、海南、长沙、上海。这些城市中都留下了Singapore WindDenmark Crow的新闻历险征途的足迹。

而为了一次非常特别的约定,这二位前往World Elite战队位于上海郊区的训练公寓,揭开这一来自中国的世界知名战队的面纱,甚至告诉你World Elite队员穿的鞋是什么样的。

首先给大家带来的是一个长达12分钟的,对中国的魔兽争霸III奇迹 — 李晓峰,也就是大名鼎鼎的China Human WE.Pepsi.Sky.的采访。



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